Build Lasting Wealth With Smarter Mortgages and Sound Financial Guidance

M7 Mortgage Combines Better Mortgages with Holistic Financial Planning to Help You Experience Financial Peace and a Greater Return on Investment

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Sound Choice Promise

We believe you deserve more from your mortgage. That’s why as an M7 client, you get:

Holistic financial advisory support at no additional cost

That’s right. Its a part of the process, because we believe your mortgage is just one part of your broader financial wellness

Updates on your homes equity and local real estate conditions

To track your investments and allow you to make the best decision when buying, selling, and refinancing. Just another way we aim empower you to make the smartest investment possible.

Access to a network of trusted Financial Professionals

Support, protect, and advance your holistic financial future beyond your mortgage to unleash the real wealth-building potential of your home or real estate investment.

Annual check-ins on your financial progress

Chances are, we’re the only Mortgage Team dedicated to checking in each year. Why? Because we care about your life-long success. Not a transaction.

Get More from Your Mortgage

Combine a better mortgage with holistic financial guidance to reach your brightest financial future.

Your Home Is Not Just Another Transaction

Yet most mortgage brokers treat it that way. Taking your order, processing your request, then leaving you to stumble through a confusing closing process.

Don’t settle for a loan process that leaves you…

  • Feeling worried, confused and frustrated by the closing process
  • Placing one of the largest financial decisions of your life in the hands of a salesperson, not an advisor
  • In the dark about your full array of strategic mortgage options
  • Making a life-changing financial decision without considering your full financial picture

You deserve far better than transactional treatment.

We Treat Your Mortgage Like the Investment It Is

We believe decision this big deserves a team of Advisors you can trust.
Not just a salesperson to process your order.

When you work with one of our advisors you get great rates and a simple closing process. But more than that, you…

  • Feel empowered as you combine your mortgage with a broader financial plan to achieve your best return and brightest future
  • Build wealth for you, your family, and for future generations
  • Work with a trusted advisor who prioritizes your financial goals
  • Experience real peace of mind knowing that you didn’t just choose a “good” option, you got the BEST option for your financial future

We make it easy for you to make the best decision for your future when buying or refinancing.

Experience Holistic Financial Peace

Buy and refinance with real confidence that you are making the wisest option for your future.

Purchase with Confidence

Worry-free mortgages with great rates, fast closing times, and a simple and transparent process.

Refinance with Ease

Relax and enjoy life knowing that your mortgage is helping you reach your financial goals.

Michael and his team took the time to help me use my mortgage as a tool to build wealth. With a smarter mortgage strategy and a holistic approach to my financial well-being, I was able to refinance with a great rate, pay off high-interest debt, and begin saving for my family’s future.

– Andy K.

Treat Your Mortgage as an Investment, Not a Transaction

We believe decision this big deserves an Advisor you can trust.
Talk to an M7 Advisor to determine the best mortgage to meet your needs today and reach your financial goals tomorrow.

How Our Process Works
The M7 Complete Confidence Mortgage Plan

Meet with an Advisor

Receive your personal Complete Confidence Mortgage Plan, identifying your best mortgage options with consideration for your long-term financial wellness and goals.

Choose Your Ideal Mortgage

Determine the best mortgage option for your financial wellbeing and goals, empowered with a clear plan that aligns with your vision for your future.

Experience Financial Peace

Experience the peace of mind that comes from combining the right mortgage with holistic financial guidance.

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Expertise You Can Count On

Your Financial Wellbeing Deserves Nothing Less

Loans Closed

Realtors Worked With

Cumulative Years of Experience

I got a great rate and a fast close, which I’m really grateful for. But what’s incredible is that now I have a plan to create the financial future that I envision for my life. No other mortgage lender is doing that.

– Meg Dorick, Urban Nest Realty

Use Your Mortgage To Start Building Real Wealth

M7 Advisors Equip You with Smarter Mortgages and Holistic Financial Planning.


M7 has helped thousands of homeowners and investors buy, refinance, and experience greater financial freedom. Hear what neighbors are saying about the difference M7 has made in their life.

Melissa’s energy and enthusiasm, coupled with her depth of experience in all facets of the business combine to offer a unique approach to servicing our industry, as well as a high-level view of Portland’s evolving real estate market. The M7 Team has become my go-to strategic partner.

Sara C. | Real Estate Professional

Michael and his team worked to find a loan that was very helpful in improving my financial well-being. I look forward to working with them in the future for a refinance after my home is fully renovated. Thanks so much to everyone who helped the process happen.

Robert S. | Mortgage Client & Proud Homeowner

Michael was quick to respond and very knowledgeable about the refinancing process. Additionally, he went above and beyond in providing me with information making it easier to navigate the confusing process.

Nicola A. | Mortgage Client & Proud Homeowner


Michael changed the trajectory of my life by showing me the power of building wealth through real estate. With his guidance and referrals, my husband and I started investing in real estate early in our marriage. We did not have huge salaries, tolerance for risk, or extra time to be landlords, but it turns out we didn’t need any of that. We now have a strong, flexible plan that can change as our family’s needs change.

Trisha H. | Mortgage Client & Proud Homeowner

Services We Provide


Get qualified and discover which refinancing options are best for you in just a few minutes.

15 year, 30 year, HELOC, Cash Out

Home Buying

Find out what you qualify for and uncover the smartest mortgage option whether you’re buying or building

First-Time Homebuyers, FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA, Renovation

Wealth Building Real Estate Strategies

Interested in starting or growing your own real-estate portfolio? Talk to an advisor to match your financial goals with the best funding vehicles.

Financial Guidance

Learn how to use your mortgage as a tool to build lasting wealth and freedom and connect with a network of trusted financial service professions who can help you create a financial plan that aligns with your goals and desired lifestyle.

We Empower You to Invest with the Bigger Picture in Mind

By considering 7 financial areas that interconnect and build financial wellness, we help you structure the ideal mortgages with an eye for the bigger picture, allowing you to reach your broader financial goals for your life.

When you work with an M7 Mortgage Advisor, you get more than just a loan. You get everything you need to build lasting wealth and reach your financial goals.

We’re proud to say it: you won’t find another mortgage lender that offers that.

Get A Smarter Mortgage And Sound Financial Guidance

Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you chose the wisest mortgage to reach your life’s goals.

About M7 Mortgage

We care about your financial future and understand how frustrating it is to work with brokers and lenders who treat your future as just another transaction.

That’s why, for the past 23 years we’ve helped clients use their mortgage as a tool to build wealth, acting as trusted and transparent advisors in contrast with most sales-driven lenders.

As Portland natives, we’ve closed over 2500 loans, worked with over 1000 realtors, and partnered with a network of financial professionals to serve clients differently: putting your goals first.

If you want to buy or refinance with confidence, ease, and a clear plan to support your financial goals, let’s talk.

Certified & Licensed

We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, so you can be confident when working with an M7 Mortgage Advisor

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