We Help Realtors Build Life-Long Career Success

M7 helps realtors like you create happier clients, more referrals, and more repeat clients by combining a great mortgage experience with effective financial planning.

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Working With M7 Means

Fast, Easy Closing

The M7 Team enables clients to close on their homes quickly and easily. Quicker closing means happier clients, and timely commissions for you and your team.

Your Clients Receive Personal Support

Never worry about losing a sale due to the lender dropping the ball, or an obstacle arising while under contract. M7’s experienced advisors work 1-on-1 with clients ensure a seamless experience.

Long-term Financial Success For Your Business

We don’t just provide mortgages. We also help your clients create a holistic financial plan to build long-term wealth. When clients realize their financial goals, your business stands to benefit from increased repeat customers.

Start Working with the Lender Who Helps Your Business Grow Better

Inconsistent Lenders Jeopardize Your Clients’ Experience

In real estate, referrals are everything. When you refer a mortgage lender that under-delivers you not only risk the sale falling through, you jeopardize your client relationship. You and your clients deserve better.

M7 is “The Realtor’s Favorite Lender”

When you refer a client to the M7 team, the service, intentionality, and free financial advisory services that we provide strengthens your relationship with the client, and helps them build future wealth. The result?

Happier clients with a positive financial future.

Both drive your repeat business.

How M7 Helps Your Real Estate Practice Succeed

Talk to the M7 Team Today

Speak with an M7 team member, and learn more about how we help your clients combine the best mortgage experience with a brighter financial future.

We Help Your Clients Close Quickly

Every one of your clients who choose M7 get our full attention, support, and creative problem solving to get them pre-approved, prepared, and closed ASAP.

Enjoy Long-Term Repeat Business

The M7 Team provides clients with holistic financial planning support. A strong financial future for your clients means more repeat business and referrals for years to come.

About M7 Mortgage

For the past 23 years we’ve helped clients combine their mortgage with sound financial planning as a tool to build lasting wealth. We proudly serve as trusted and transparent advisors in contrast with most sales-driven lenders.

As Portland natives, we’ve closed over 2500 loans, worked with over 1000 realtors, and partnered with a network of financial professionals to serve clients more effectively.

We believe that by partnering with trusted realtors and serving clients holistically, the outcome is a Win-Win-Win. Clients get the best mortgage and reach their goals, realtors get happy clients and repeat customers, and our team is able to fulfill our purpose of helping families and businesses thrive through our work.

If you want to serve your clients better and build a pipeline of recurring clients, let’s talk.

What Peers Are Saying About M7

We Make It Easy for You to Build a Book Of Happy, Recurring Clients

Let the M7 team help plant the seeds for you to enjoy a flourishing real estate practice for years to come. Become a referral partner today.

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